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Budapest, Vienna, Christmas Markets, Opera Houses, and Michelin Star Restaurants (with option for Prague)

European Christmas Markets, National Opera Houses, Michelin Star Restaurants and Luxury Hotels will make this tour an experience of your lifetime.


Official C.S. Lewis Tour

Join folks with a like-minded interest on an 8-day tour (in country) of the locations where C.S. Lewis lived and worked. Stay in 5-star hotels and eat wonderful meals.


About Harbinger Tours

The word Harbinger means something that foreshadows a future event and here are Harbinger Tours we are always planning our next adventure!

Harbinger Tours is a subsidiary of PennellChing LLC, which has been curating luxury gatherings, tours, and specialty events since 2009. PennellChing LLC has been awarded licensing and travel professional credentials from the most important credentialing agency in the travel industry, the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Harbinger Tours specializes in high-quality, 5-star, luxury tours that are informative, enriching, full and fun! We also specialize in curating high-quality tours for non-profits that connect with the mission and ethos of strong, purpose-driven organizations; specifically to connect donors and patrons with the heart of the organization’s purpose and culture.

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